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August's top 4 Las Vegas pest control services:


Las Vegas has a large number of ant problems: sugar ants, pavement ants, small black ants, red ants, carpenter ants... and that is just to name a few. Perhaps the most invasive ants in Las Vegas, the Pharaoh Ants. These ants act as one regardless of their home colony! Therefore, other ant species don't stand a chance against them. Hard to get rid of ants are as annoying as bugs come. May's spring flowers leads to May's spring workers. The ants are marching.


They are called Sewer Roaches for a reason. They live in the sewers from Henderson to Summerlin! And most homeowners do not associate a friendly "Kawabonga" with these sewer crawlers. When the heat rises, the sewers become alive, and they are soon scrambling out heading towards homes. Their German Roach cousins also become more active this time of year. German Roaches are small light brown and very invasive to residential and commercial buildings. These are also the roaches voted "Most Likely to Survive a Nuke." Don't go at these roaches alone!

3- Spiders

Well, spiders feast on other insects. So when the bugs start hopping, the spiders start chomping. May is the perfect month to start the spider feast. Those unprotected open homes where the bug parties are happening, that's where uninvited spiders are sure to rear those fangs. On the bright side, they are decreasing the other pests around the home. But do you want pests or spiders in your home? Your choice. P.S. If you chose "No" then Bulwark can help.

4- Scorpions

Rounding out "May's Top 4 Pest Control Services" is the infamous BARK SCORPION. While a few other bugs are much more plentiful (crickets, ladybugs, beetles, bees), those bugs just don't get people's hearts racing, and sweat pouring quit like a nasty Vegas scorpion. And their stings are no joke! Bark scorpions are cousins to spiders, and they also feed on other insects. However, these arachnids were born for the desert. They can survive weeks with no water, and a month or two with no meal. This breed for survival DNA makes getting rid of scorpions extremely challenging.  But Bulwark has more than a few ready for the challenge.

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