As a customer, you want to trust the people entering your home and be assured that you and your family, pets, neighborhood, and home are treated kindly and with respect. Can you genuinely get kindness, respect, and love from a corporate pest control company that is “just in it for the money”? Honestly, we don’t know if you can. But we do know that this family-owned company holds to its values and moral compass.




We did a voluntary survey, and 97% of the customers we asked would recommend us to their friends and family. Bulwark takes the input from these surveys and works to get that percentage closer to 100%.

Our products are less toxic than toothpaste, and they get the job done. We use research done by colleges and universities to use the best products on the market.


The word ‘Bulwark’ means a defensive barrier, which is precisely the service we provide for your home, a line of protection. This barrier keeps all of the pests out and kills any pest infestation your home may be experiencing. If you find pests alive and well after we come and treat, we will come back for free. That’s right; if you still see pests, we messed up, and we will come back and retreat your home within 48 hours.


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Recommended by 97% of customers & 100% guaranteed
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We hope that you believe the same, in good work and good pay. My dad always taught me that “A good deal is when both parties walk away feeling good.” Bulwark wants to provide a service, a Bug-Free Home. In working towards that goal, we want customers to be happy with the service provided. If you’re not satisfied and bug-free, then we don’t feel it right to take your money. If you are happy, then we kindly ask that you pay us. And you paying us makes us happy as we go home to our families and feed our children. It’s a win-win. That’s the good ole-fashion way the owners were raised; A Honest Day’s Work for an Honest Day’s Pay.

To know if a family-owned pest control company is right for you, you must ask yourself what you want in a pest control company. Do you want the cheapest service? If so, Bulwark may not be a good fit for you. Do you want technicians that are drug screened and background checked? Someone you can trust in your home? Some smaller family-owned services may not spend the funds to do full background checks. Some may not spend the funds to fully train technicians. What about a pest control service that is small enough to care and big enough to do it right? Well, then we invite you to join the Bulwark family.

Green Pest Control comes in many different shades of green. Some swear by organic pest control methods, others that look to 100% All Natural pest management. And in the end, there is no certification or law that labels a pest control company GREEN. So green pest control really can be shady.

Think Green

What do you want when you THINK GREEN? Are you considering the pesticides used as what makes it green? Do you want an integrated pest management system that uses both pesticides and non-pesticide means for control? Have you considered other environmentally friendly practices like paperless, backpack spraying, electric pumps, and fewer round trips to lower fuel emissions?

Don’t get stuck on just the products being used. Many “Organic” products are very harmful, like organic cyanide, which has been used in organic pest control for many years. You will also find that many all-natural pest control products cannot withstand the elements, breaking down quicker and providing less adequate control. And then there are hopes and dreams that gadgets like the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller will actually work. Don’t get stuck on the hype or marketing and end up paying more. Some exterminators are certified Organic, and by the law of this certification, they must attempt to control pests by organic means first, BEFORE USING PESTICIDES.