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Termite Control Services in San Antonio, TX

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Having professional termite protection is essential to keeping your San Antonio home safe. Bulwark Pest Control provides dependable services against termites. Having a company with the knowledge and experience required against termites is very important. The following types of termites are commonly found in San Antonio.

Termite Species found in San Antonio, TX

Eastern Subterranean - If your San Antonio home has a termite problem, it is most likely an Eastern Subterranean termite problem. This species of termite is the most economically disastrous to San Antonio residents and will trouble about 20% of homes. These colonies can range from a couple thousand to millions of termites. The worker termites do the actual destroying of your home’s structure, furniture, trees, and other similar things. Queens can lay around 2,000 eggs in one single day. While this may seem alarming, colonies can grow rapidly, but creating new colonies is often unlikely for these termites.

Formosan - San Antonio is home to some of the U.S.’s most dangerous termites. Formosan termites are much more destructive than most others. These silent destroyers will literally eat your home within a few months of their presence. These pests will not only destroy the frame of your home, but are known to damage plastic, asphalt, plaster, and thin metal.

Desert Subterranean - The Desert Subterranean termites is not very harmful, but should be treated against also. This termite prefers to stay hidden in dead plants like cacti and logs, but colonies are still capable of destroying through homes and structures.

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