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Termite Control Services in Charlotte, NC 

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Termites are a prevalent pest in Charlotte. Protecting your home from termite damage starts with an honest and dependable company like Bulwark Exterminating. We have years of termite knowledge and work carefully to ensure your Charlotte home’s protection. The following termites are common throughout the Charlotte area and should be professionally treated.

Termite Species found in Charlotte, NC

Eastern Subterranean - About 20% of Charlotte homes will face the Eastern Subterranean termite. This termite is a very social insect that thrives off of the colony. Eastern Subterranean colonies range from 5,000 or less to a million or more termites. Queens can lay nearly 2,000 eggs a day, allowing for speedy growth of a single colony. Chewing away at your Charlotte home’s frame and landscape; worker termites cause millions in damage to the city of Charlotte.

Formosan - Of the many species of termites out there the most invasive to Charlotte homeowners is definitely the Formosan termite. These termites are native to Asia but have made a strong home in the south eastern states. Formosans can take over a home quickly. These termites don’t take years like most, but can harm your home in only a few months.

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