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Termite Control Services in Austin, TX

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Austin is home to many types of termites. Finding the right termite protection for your Austin home is fundamental. Bulwark Exterminating has over a decade of experience treating unwanted pests. Be sure to have a safe and reliable company to protect your home from these destructive nuisances. Listed below are some of the most common species of termites in the Austin area.

Termite Species found in Austin, TX

Eastern Subterranean Eastern Subterranean termites are very common in Austin and are responsible for most termite damage. 1 in 5 homes will eventually experience the presence of these termites. Colonies have 3 different castes that help the colony survive and thrive. These colonies can have anywhere from a few thousand to about a million residents. Worker termites are the ones responsible for eating the structure and furniture of a home. Alate termites are responsible for the reproduction of the colony, but are usually not very successful at beginning new colonies.

Formosan - Formosan termites are not native to the states. They were introduced from China and have been around for about 50 years. These termites have quickly become the most destructive pests to Austin homes. These insects will not only chew away at your home’s wooden structure, but have also been known to destroy plastics, plaster, asphalt, and thin metals. While most termites take years to destroy a home, Formosan termites can invade within a few months. Queens can lay 1,000 eggs a day, making reproduction quick and easy. Colonies can have millions of residents.

Desert Subterranean - These termites will not spend too much time trying to munch down your home, but definitely are capable and very probable to find in Austin. These critters prefer to hide out in dead plants and cacti.

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