SilverfishFirebrats in Tacoma
Image via Flickr byTed_Roger_Karson

Silverfish are wingless, long-bodied insects named for their silver bodies and somewhat wavy walking patterns, reminiscent of a fish. Although silverfish serve as decomposers, they are pickier than most pests and prefer a diet plentiful in sugar, starches, and other carbohydrates. Firebrats are in the same family as silverfish, and only their bodies are usually a darker color. Silverfish and firebrats typically live outdoors anywhere they can find food and are distributed through most of the world. Since they can survive on old vegetation and dead wood, they’re commonly found under rocks and in rotting logs. Indoors, they can eat paper goods, already-damaged and rotting building materials, or garbage. If you live in Tacoma or live in the neighborhoods of Northeast Tacoma, North End, or Ruston, you probably have seen Silverfish.

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