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No spider would dare to come back. 
"We had Bulwark over for some pest control because we were getting overrun by spiders and roaches. We live right behind a farmer's field and every time they spade, we get the critters and the jitters. I have never seen anyone so thorough. John came over and at 6'5" tore into our bug problem like a tornado. I have never seen any company go into such depth. He scrubbed our stucco, washed our patio with a concentrated spray and dug into every corner of the yard and house. No spider would dare to come back. Awesome job!"
Written by: Bret H.
Date published: 09/16/2011
5 / 5 stars
What you should know about controlling spiders:

Spiders are not like other pests. For starters, they are not insects, but arachnids. Spiders also have different habits. All spiders prey on insects. Most are hunters equipped with fangs and poisonous venom. Spiders should not be treated lightly even if their venom is not lethal. Spider bites are painful and may cause health concerns.


Why are spiders difficult to control?

Spiders walk on the tips of their eight legs and keep their bodies away from most surfaces. They also do not groom themselves like most insects. This makes it difficult for most products to work effectively on spiders. Many pest control products labeled for spider control may kill spiders with direct contact but are rendered useless when it comes to residual control of spiders. Only a few products are effective in controlling spiders long term. For this reason many professionals struggle to find a good spider control solution. In fact, a good number of exterminators will say, "the only way to control spiders is to eliminate their food source... the other pests." We know the way!

If you want to get rid of your spiders then get more then just general pest control, get spider control! While getting rid of the rest of the bugs (what spiders eat) will help to get rid of spiders, this is not the only solution and certainly not the best spider control solution. In fact, using regular pest control methods to get rid of pests, and eventually starve the spiders, isn't a spider control solution, it's a generic pest control solution. And a spider isn't just any ol' pest.

What's our spider control solution? How do we get rid of spiders? How can we guarantee spider control when others can't? Call us and we will be happy to tell you more about our unique spider control solution!

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Kob Raleigh, NC
rating 5/5
John arrived within the scheduled service window. He was very pleasant and did a great job. He double checked to see what issue I was having to ensure he put down the correct treatment type. He treated the inside, garage and outside perimeter of the house. In addition, he did a granule treatment on the shrubs per my request. John also took the time to explain how dampening the granules will activate them.?

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