Scorpions are predatory arachnids in the order Scorpiones. All arachnids plus spiders have eight legs, and aside from insects, they do not possess antennae. Although scorpions are related to spiders, they do not have fangs. Scorpions use their crab-like pinchers called pedipalps to grab hold of their prey and inject venom from the end of their tail. Each scorpion species is unique, especially the weird-looking family of whip scorpions. Although scorpions can deliver agonizing pain and miserable side effects, they pose a limited hazard to humans.

In most circumstances, healthy adults who are stung do not need medical treatment. A Scorpion radiated by ultraviolet waves will illuminate a glowing turquoise color because of the fluorescent composites in the skin. If you’ve seen these creatures around your Show Low home or property, check out the Bulwark guide on how to get rid of whip scorpions and everything you should know about them.

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