Earwigs in Raleigh
Image via Flickr by Anthony Kei C

An earwig is an unsightly insect that is misunderstood more often than not. Humans aren’t on the menu, but this doesn’t mean that they should be left to run amuck. Earwigs are mainly nocturnal and will hide out in secluded areas in wait for nightfall. Lighting, such as porch or patio lights, can draw them in, and they may gather under outdoor seat cushions. You may have seen them in and around your Raleigh home. They are also common in Glenwood, Five Points, and Six Forks neighborhoods. Earwigs excrete a yellowish-brown, foul-smelling liquid from their scent glands as a defense mechanism. This liquid isn’t necessarily dangerous but can be irritating. They also have pinchers on the back of their abdomens that can be used to inflict a “bite” when threatened.

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