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About Phoenix AZ

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Phoenix, AZ is the 5th most populated US city, exceeding 1.5 million residents in the actual city limits, and 4.2 million in the metro Phoenix Arizona area, making it the 12th largest US metro area. But people are not the only things living in Phoenix. Insects flourish in the dessert weather. Phoenix, AZ newspapers often cover scorpion stories as they are one of the most feared of resident Phoenix Pests. Bark Scorpion control is a must. These bugs can ruin any Phoenix real estate and destroy the peace of your Phoenix AZ picture perfect home. A scorpion sting burns and burns. Some describe the sensation as an electrical shock. But interestingly enough, the Phoenix metro area has a pest that is even more toxic then the poisonous dessert scorpions, the harvester ant.

While the Harvester Ant won’t be making the local top 10 list of Phoenix bug criminals, these little ants do carry venom that is more lethal pound for pound than both rattlesnake venom and scorpion venom. Fortunately they pack so little of it that they are rarely dangerous.

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