How Big Are Whiptail Scorpions?

Whiptail scorpions can grow up to 3 inches long.

What Do Whiptail Scorpions Look Like?

They range in color from light brown to black. Instead of a tail, they have a long hair like whiptail. They also have a very large pair of palps or grasping devices.

What Do Whiptail Scorpions Eat?

Whiptail scorpions are predators that feed primarily on insects, working at night and hiding during daylight hours. They use their giant pincers to catch their prey.

What Do Whiptail Scorpions Do?

Whiptail scorpions are so-named due to their long, thin tail, which extends from the tip of the abdomen. They are also known as "vinegarroons" because of their tendency to spray a defensive mist of acetic acid, or vinegar, from their tail end. They are not venomous and not true scorpions. The long, whip-like tail is used as a sensory organ and does not have a stinger.

How Do Whiptail Scorpions Reproduce?

After mating, the pregnant female digs a special burrow with a large area at the end. When the eggs hatch, the young are white and look nothing like their mother. They attach themselves to their mother by special suckers. Eventually they molt and look like miniature whiptail scorpions.

Interesting Facts About Whiptail Scorpions:

Whip scorpions are nocturnal, and spend their daylight hours hidden under debris or woodpiles on the soil, or within clutter in storage areas of structures.

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