In Texas, there’s the Southern Black Ant, also known as “sugar ants”. When they don’t have flower nectar to feed off, they’ll invade your home. It’s important to eliminate their colonies and set up a barrier (or a “Bulwark”) around them home.


So, here in Texas we have the small Southern Black Ant, as you can see here. These are called sugar ants because they show up on your kitchen counter. They infest the neighborhoods, they feed off of the nectar on the flowers, eventually when the flowers are not in bloom, they look for a better sources. They move into shadowy areas, like around the foundation or if you can pan in, they start penetrating the walls of the house. This particular home has about fifteen locations on it that they’re entering the home.

So, our goal with Bulwark is to put a barrier around the exterior of the home; eliminate the colonies on the outside so they don’t get a chance to get inside.


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