Adam discusses with us how roaches find comfortable spots to stay in and how a roach might get fall into the sink drain, only to scare you later.


The roaches come in from out here, they shoot up underneath the J-rail and start infesting inside the walls. Roaches are thigmotropic, thigmotropic, let me, you can say that however you want to say thigmotropic how do you want to say I believe that’s the correct spelling, if it’s not, you know, who cares, this word right here means that they prefer to have pressure on three sides in their body at all times. It’s the way that they feel safe; give you an example, mammals use, we use our vision to feel safe. If we put a blindfold over Riley’s head, tell him to walk across the freeway, he’s going to take that blindfold off before he walks across the freeway. He doesn’t feel safe.


Well, most invertebrates like roaches, scorpions, crickets, they don’t feel safe unless they have pressure on three sides of their bodies. It’s how they have survived for so long. They stay in cracks and crevices. It’s different with mammals. We rely on vision. I tell you this because it’s not normal for the roaches to come out. They prefer to never come out, they would prefer never to see the homeowner. Just never ever come out. They always want to stay, they don’t want to walk across that freeway with the blindfold on, trying to explain this. But it gets so crowded back there and so populous that they start coming out they’re starting, they start to be forced out.


They’re cannibalistic, they will eat each other, the weaker ones are going to flee. So they will run out along this pipeline and hang out inside the cabinet, a lot of times they’ll, there’s a backing to be actual cabinetry, it’s not the sheetrock, in most cabinetry there’s a backing. Maybe it’s just an eighth of an inch between the sheetrock and the backing of the cabinet, and that backing is a great location for roaches to hang out between the cabinets and the wall itself. So they’ll hang out, you know, in between there, and at night when it’s dark they might run up around up onto the sink looking for soap, scum, looking for toothpaste, things like that or hair follicles off of a hairbrush. Every now and then one falls into the sink at night and runs around but can’t get out because the sides are too slick.


Eventually the sun starts coming up and he says “I gotta get out of here,” so he shoots down the drain and hangs out right by the water he’s like “cool, new place, gonna inhabit this place,” okay? He can’t get all the way down into the sewer because this is called a P-trap right here, it’s always full with water. That’s what the green represents. The water prevents gases from the sewer lines and pests like roaches and mice from coming up the drain. These roaches will never come up the drain and then Betsy comes up in the morning time, turns on the water and she sees no roaches, right, turns on the water, the water comes out of the spigot, down into the drain and starts to flood this guy, so he comes running out and she thinks roaches are coming out of her drain, but they’re not. The roaches are infested in her wall, one fell into her drain and was hiding there because he can’t get back out

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