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It's not difficult to see why 97% of customers would refer our services to a friend. Our people make the difference. Don't take our word for it, though. Take his. Sit down with one of our customers from Raleigh and see why he joined the Bulwark family.


I'm Barry Bassett. We live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We're a proud customer of Bulwark Exterminating. We have been with Bulwark for a number of years, I think since 2006. Over the course since we have been with Bulwark. We have had a couple of ant infestations. When I call the company there was a service Technician to our house inside of an hour that stopped this run of ants. The reason Why I like company or my wife and I like the company is first of all we're concerned about safety. Our environment is extremely important to both my wife and I. Another reason why we have Bulwark Exterminating because we really don't have a dog, we have a child substitute. We needed an exterminator that would use a product that would be safe for pets, so we were very pleased with it. A company that cares about their customers, cares about the products that they use is important to us.

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