Technician on the Job


Ever wonder what a typical day as a Bulwark technician is like? Well, wonder no longer. Here we have a technician on site going about a standard day of setting up the Bulwark protection barrier.


We're heading to one of our customers, the name is Xavier Vallinrod, this is actually a call back, this is just an exterior re-spray. I haven't read the notes exactly, but more than likely it was raining outside when we did the initial services so we're going to an exterior re-spray, a granulation, make sure he doesn’t have any fire ant mounds and remove the spider webs off the home and then after that, we just have some standard services right here in the same area that we're going to be doing as well which pretty much consists of the same thing I just mentioned.

If you want to know what it is they have world-class customer service and the friendliest technicians in the business servicing in your home all you have to do is call 704-BUG FREE and ask for Brandon. We'll make sure you are taken care of and all of your pest needs are met.

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