Derek and AJ take us out into the field to show us just what Bulwark’s specialized nocturnal treatment entails. This treatment is unique to Bulwark, and just one more reason you want us doing your pest control.


Hi I am Derek and I am AJ. We are here in Queen Creek Arizona at Bruce’s house. He has a pretty big infestation of scorpions and we are doing our nocturnal scorpion treatment, where we come in the night and hit the whole property with the highest concentration of scorpion product available. we’re here just at the right time, where they start to come out and do the most hunting. That’s the idea of the nocturnal treatment, so we can knock them down in one service and then just maintain it from that point on.


Here we go, lets do it. We’re pretty excited to offer this nocturnal treatment. nobody else in the country offers anything quite at this level, so specific for one pest. We come out between three o’clock Until 9, 10 and 11. And hit everything on the property. This sprayer will actually penetrate these rocks because of these big droplets of water will dust into all these cracks of your block walls so we can flush out this population of scorpions, push them off your property.

After that, we just come out on a regular basis, and keep up a barrier around the home so that neighborhood problem doesn’t come back inside your house.

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