When scorpions infest a home in Arizona, it can ruin your lifestyle. Bulwark hears a story from a home that we treat, to see just how much help we are.


So how long have you lived in the house? Since January. Since January, and you’re from Arizona? Okay, so you’re used to seeing scorpions. Well I have never seen a scorpion till I moved here. Oh, really? It was your first one? Are they big scorpions, like that big? I have a few of them. Oh you caught some? Do you mind if we look? Figured out what worked. I don’t know if you can see or not, but those look like pretty typical bark scorpion Yeah. So how many do you think you have found? At least forty. Forty? In about how many weeks or months? In about a week. In about a week? That’s pretty, that’s a lot.


When we first started spraying and first started. The powders and stuff, we found a lot a couple weeks ago I found a baby one, and that’s when I realized; you know what? This is it, cause, you think, they can have 65 babies in live birth, and that freaked me out because I thought I was actually getting rid of some of them. So you did a lot of research, so that’s good. Yeah every night. Yeah, I basically tried everything. People spent the night watching my back so I could sleep for a few hours. Oh is that right? That was getting to be a little too much, so I slept in my car a couple nights.


What made you think “Oh, I should use a tent”? Keep me enclosed, keep me still with a bed of some sort, we’d make sure to get some black light we’d check all around before we laid down, got in there. We actually put some tape around it, just in case. That’s the best I found that works for the scorpions. They actually stick to the tape.

Now that you’ve had a Scorpion service do you actually sleep in here? Oh no! I actually sleep in my bed now. I was actually going to bring this down yesterday but I just haven’t had time. The only thing that worked. Cause anything else they would fall on me, fall off the ceiling. You guys are awesome, you guys helped a lot. I can actually walk around my house now, without running from my door to my room.

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