Scorpion specialists at Bulwark Exterminating interview homeowners about living with a scorpion infestation and being stung by scorpions. Bulwark Exterminating provides satisfying scorpion pest control service for scorpions.


I woke up, There was something crawling on me, it was on my arm, and I jumped up real quick and hit it like this – and I got stung. It went numb but I had a throbbing, aching pain, especially where the bite was. It reminds me sorta of a bee sting, yes, but its a little more intense.


We have seen some on the patio, and when we stacked up our floats or things, that kids play with we have seen them underneath there, so we tried wo put away anything outside — It does make it very uncomfortable, and so when we started seeing the scorpions, it was like, Oh I can handle this; and had a little spray here and a little spray there, but, when I saw what happens with the babies, its not like just one or two, its like 30 or 50 at a time, and they’re very very small, and they move very fast. and they come out at night and its like they just spread, Its like they’re little tiny spiders. and of course, we have warm weather, and they want to find somewhere cool that’s going to be dark. and like you said, right into the cracks, close to the foundation of the house, pool areas, underneath your bed.


It does make you worried about, everywhere you’re more cautious about everything. I check every shoe; I don’t dare put anything on me unless its been shook. Yeah she’s in here and it goes *plop plop plop* in the morning, to shake her pants out, you know, before she – or when I go into bed too, I look under the covers to make sure there’s nothing around. I mean, now I’m going to be worried about my couch because found one.


Yeah, we’re excited to get rid of them, We’re excited that you’re so thorough in what you do. Your teams been very pleasant to have in the home; They’re very caring, very thoughtful of what they move, and where they’re looking. Very considerate of everything, so thank you.


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