Rob Carpenter - Employee Interview


One of our long time employees, Rob Carpenter tells us a story of an experience he's had working for bulwark. Find out why 97% of customers will recommend us to a friend.


I had a customer that had a horrible roach infestation. When she would open a drawer in her kitchen she'd see dozens of roaches crawling around in it, and all over the sink and the walls, and everywhere in the silverware drawer in the glasses. I treated her home two or three times and after, I think it was after the third treatment, She was so happy 'cause, she said, I never see any more roaches any more and she was so grateful for - she said I’ll never go with anybody else. I want you to service my house forever!

97% of Bulwark customers would recommend us to their friends It makes me feel good, It makes me feel like I can have confidence in the work that I'm doing because I know it's going to help them.

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