Roaches Invading Your Personal Space


Our people make the difference, and if there is ever a problem, we'll be there in an instant. Here, a customer relates how her personal space was invaded by a roach and how quick our technicians were to respond.


The worst day of my whole life. I’m here cleaning from dinner and I feel something on my neck and I thought it was a piece of hair and I went like that and it was one of those outdoor roaches. Did you hear me screaming from where you lived? Of course my husband could not calm me down. I was that freaked out. Anyway to, make a long story short immediately we killed it we got it and put it on a napkin and I taped it to show Jeremy, and called him right away. My husband said "What are you doing?" And I said, "Oh, I am so calling Jeremy," and he came the next day, he explained what happened. It was from the outside, I was doing stuff outside he could have come in on me or come in on a package and it was an indoor one like the kind New York gets, which he did educate me on what they look like so I am very familiar, never seen that. But he came right away, and took care of the problem.

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