Protection Against Termites


In areas where trees have lived for many years, termites may become a problem. However, with Adam on site explaining what the termites will do and how Bulwark can protect you, you needn't fear.


Here's a perfect example of how termites have been in the forest for thousands of years before you built your house here. These trees in this forest have been around for a long time and the cycle of life which termites recycling the wood is a constant, constant thing. They set up camp mainly in dying trees like the one we have here. I pulled this off of this stump here. They, they'll this tree has a root system that goes for many, many feet all around this area and has this tree has died, the rotting wood is all throughout this area probably even under the house over here.

This termite colony that I just pulled up out of this stump is gonna follow those those dead roots everywhere all over the ground. So, when a builder comes along and cuts the top off the tree they don't get all of the roots and those dead roots don't look like this one because this one has been cut off and you know where the tree is here you've got roots under the ground into the soil everywhere and enormous populations of termite colonies eating those roots.

That's why it's really important that you set up a barrier around the home. We set up a baiting system that creates a shield or Bulwark around the your home so that if they do hit the wood on your home, they'll hit our baits first and wipe out colony.

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