Phoenix Scorpion Infestation Interview


It can be frightening to find a scorpion in your home, especially when you have young children to worry about. Bulwark Exterminating understands and gave this family much needed peace of mind and relief from scorpions.


Most parents are really concerned about their kids around scorpions.


Exactly, and that was my biggest fear for her, her being in that stage where she's crawling around on the floor, and not far from where she usually sits, we found a scorpion so we definitely knew we had to do something.

When you get a scorpion in your house, I mean, it changes everything that you do. You're paranoid about putting on your shoes, get up in the night to check the baby and you're wondering "Am I going to step on one?" I mean, it is not fun and you're worried all the time you're always looking around all the time you're not comfortable, you're not relaxed, I mean, you should be relaxed in your home. You got that thing running around on the floor and it's-

And a lot of people are probably like us where we wait 'til we actually see one and panic, and then we actually know now that we need to have a service that really...People should really should just have the service and not have to worry.

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