FDA Approved Scorpion Antivenom Anascorp Personal Story


When scorpions are thriving in Arizona, being stung is a serious risk. In the case of severe reactions to the scorpion's venom, an antivenom has been made called Anascorp. In Arizona, when you're stung, the hospital staff knows what to do even though severe reactions are rare, but in other states support hasn't been as consistent. Now that Anascorp has been FDA approved, support will be much greater.


The real new story is actually the anti venom. Not sure if you have heard of this but as of yesterday the FDA approved the anti venom that your child received. So that it’s now available or will soon be available in the hospital because it has been approved. People are questioning what difference that really makes. But you actually had the experience with your child.

He had a severe reaction, not common, yeah, and then they actually gave you the anti venom. Basically when we found him his first reaction actually was like he got stung right on the top of his finger and he was just screaming in pain. Were checking we thought he pinched it on the headboard or something like that Because there are no signs no signs of it, doesn’t puff up or anything like that.

Then typically just twenty minutes of that and all of sudden he his eyes are kinda like rolling around. Right and we are like what’s going on he started foaming at the mouth foaming and then vomiting. So that’s when we knew something was and we just had to rush him to the emergency room. The staff at Mercy Gilbert said that he had been stung by a scorpion because they had seen it before and at that time they gave him a morphine to just kind a get the pain away and then the Anascorp or whatever it’s called and gave it to him and just seemed to take effect. He was white he was white as a ghost, his color started coming back, seemed to take effect right away as he settled down. He was sleeping you know it was I mean you know it was just a huge relief that he was able to get that medicine which I consider saved his life, my son’s life, and I just wanted him to be better.

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