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It's not difficult to see why 97% of customers would refer our services to a friend. Our people make the difference. Don't take our word for it, though. Take hers. Sit down with one of our customers from Las Vegas and see how she joined the Bulwark family.


I was walking across my living room floor and I happen to notice there is a strange thing on the ground, got closer, asked my husband what it was and realized it was a scorpion. After I saw the first scorpion I panicked and I went online and looked up scorpion services in Las Vegas, and I read the reviews about Bulwark and saw how thorough and that the great reviews that other customers gave and that's when I had Wayne come out, and he sprayed everything he took the plates off of my walls he did the granule treatment outside.

They took my fear seriously they sprayed every inch of my house, like I said they took the plates off they put chemicals or powders in the walls and it was just amazing I never seen a living bug in my yard since then. Bulwark has gotten rid of all of my problems and I can actually sleep at night now because of it.

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