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Adam brings us around a front yard to show us just what makes roaches so bad. They like rocky yards because it gives them a place to hide. Water drips also supply them with a constant source of water, bringing them in from the desert. The main problem with having a yard that supports roaches is the predators they bring with them. Scorpions thrive in these environments and population soars. If your company just makes a small barrier around your house that helps almost nothing, you need a company like Bulwark, that treats the whole yard and the whole problem.


Okay so what we have here is a lot of gravel that roaches like this will live underneath largely because the gravel keeps the moisture in the ground in the soil. Protects the roaches from birds and lizards and you've got drippers that are watering the whole environment. And what happens is it creates this oasis is in the desert.

With the water and the heat, the populations just soar. Then the predators come in, spiders and scorpions hunt these insects. So when you have more insects your gonna have more arachnids, spiders and scorpions. What we've done and the reason why you see them running all over the places we spayed the entire rock area of this home to begin the clean out of the rocks and we have also sprayed their brick walls around the foundation.

You know this house is a seventeen year old house. If you're not doing something you treat your oasis then you're growing something more than beautiful green trees, because beautiful green trees are not natural for the desert and we add water and have all that warmth and have no freeze these organisms really kinda take hold. The actual process for treating water points and moisture points area on the exteriors is one of those extra barriers that Bulwark puts in.

That's correct a lot of organizations with just spray with the pump can along the foundation of the house just to try to put a narrow little barrier between the yard where the organisms breed and the house. This is the reason why you don't want just put a little pump can because a lot time roaches can make it over that barrier and get inside your house and harass you for several days before dying we take a more complete approach let's control the stuff in your yard that shouldn't really be there that's not organic this environment let's get rid of it so that it doesn't pressure you on the inside.

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