Charlotte Employees Interview


Our people make the difference. Always ready to help, these technicians from Charlotte are here to say hello.


Hi, I am Preston Green. I am the branch manager here in Charlotte, and I have been working for the company for ten years.

Hi, my name is Dario I have been working for Bulwark now for about six years. I have been in San Antonio, Austin, Atlanta and here in Charlotte now for two years, killing lots of bugs in every one of those cities.

Hi, I’m John. I work here with Bulwark. I am a manager during the day, during the evening I work termites.

I really love this company, I started out fifteen years ago in the pest control industry.

I have been here with the company for approximately for about five years now I have worked in Arizona. I got experience out there and worked at the Raleigh office. Now I am here, here in Charlotte.

Bulwark is totally awesome. Great people to work with. The owner’s fantastic, working with customers everyday. It’s just, it's very rare to have to look forward to coming into work before I started working for Bulwark. And it just seems more of an occurrence with these guys, than with anybody else I have worked with.

We really enjoy working with all of our customers and taking care of them to the best of our ability.

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