Cave Crickets and Camel Crickets


Cave crickets, otherwise known as camel crickets, are little more than a nuisance. They'll come inside your home's crawlspace and feed off paper products, usually the insulation. They do lead in spiders, though, becoming prey for them to feed off as they invade your home.


So, here we are in a crawl space in the winter and one of the biggest problems in the crawl spaces are called camel crickets or cave crickets. They normally live in the forest, but they pull into the crawl space 'cause it's warmer and there's also a paper product in the crawl space, usually the insulation itself is a food stuff for the camel crickets. Now, as we look down on this wall here you can see quite a few crickets. The entire basement is infested with these camel crickets, which aren’t so much a problem other than they're just a nuisance, but they do bring a lot of spiders into the house especially in the summertime.

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