Black Widow Control


Here Adam discusses where to find and how to identify black widows in your yard. Most likely, they'll be found at the J-rail of the home near the weep holes, feeding off crickets that make their way towards the moist air escaping the weep hole.


Today were going to talk about black widows. The most common place to find them are right down by the J-rail, just all crazy mixed up down here by the J-rail. Why? Because the J-rail offers, goes into the wall, inside the wall, offers a lot of cool air coming out. Cool moist air coming out, also, is a great place for crickets to breed. Remember that crickets breed in these plants because there's water drippers on the plants. So there's a huge population of crickets in the yard, therefore that which preys upon crickets will also do well, which is black widows.

So the black widow often times, if you walk around the foundation of the house, you'll find a web like this purple web I have here at the base down by the J-rail. Very common to find them right at the entryway, right at the entry way, just here or there, the other place. Now, how do you know it's a black widow as well if there's no black widow in the web? Number one, they're chaotic. A chaotic web means that it has no order to it. If you remember the story Charlotte's Web, a lot of spiders create a pattern to their web. Design, you know, a design in their web. Black widows have no pattern to their webs, none at all. It’s just all chaotic. Often times you'll find leaves and debris in the black widows web because the web is so strong, it's the strongest webs of any spider here in Arizona, so it's a very strong sticky web. It's low to the ground. Sometimes you will see severe infestations, black widows with webs up in the eaves, and you’ll actually be able to see her sometimes in the very corner trying to hide as much as she can. But, usually, it's down by the ground 'cause their number one food source is crickets. So, if the web is low to the ground and doesn't have any spider out in it. Other spiders don't really recluse back into a lair, they don't recluse back into a dark space. Most of them don’t.



1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.

2. A strong support or protection.

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