Bed Bug Prevention


Bed bugs can generally be prevented with a few tips. If you're staying at a hotel, you can check behind the headboard for bed bugs. If that hotel has a bed bug problem, you're 90% likely to find them there. To prevent them from hitching a ride on luggage, you can place your luggage in the bath tub or where there are slick surfaces that bed bugs can't climb. If you're afraid you visited a place with a bed bug problem, a good idea is to put your clothing directly in the dryer or leave your luggage in a hot car. Anywhere from taxi cabs to a friend's home can transfer bed bugs.


Preventing Bed Bugs is all about being educated on the pest itself. Knowing where they come from and how they get from Point A to Point B is really important. If you don't know how it happens you won't be able to protect yourself. So here is a couple of ideas to help you protect yourself when you are out and about or where you are afraid that you might come in contact with bed bugs.

For example, if you are going to say in a hotel room always pull the headboard off the wall, check the headboard, 90% of the time you will find bed bugs there if that room has a problem. It's also a safe practice to put your luggage in either the bathroom or even the bathtub, since bed bugs can't climb slippery surfaces.

Let's talk about how you can avoid bringing bed bugs home from your daily routine. For example doctors offices, restaurants, movie theaters, or just visiting somebody's home. If you are afraid that there is a chance the place you visited had bed bugs, a good idea is to take your clothing off and put it straight into the dryer before going into your home. Be careful that your purse or baggage that you might have been carrying around doesn't have any bed bugs on their as well.

When returning home from your vacation it's a good idea to remove all the items from the luggage and place them directly into the dryer. That will kill any bed bugs that have hitched a ride inside the clothing you were wearing while you were on your vacation, in the hotel, traveling on the airplane or taxi cab. Put the luggage inside the garage or inside of a hot car and it will kill the bed bugs that might be on the luggage. It's not a bad idea to wrap your luggage inside of a plastic bag until you need it again.

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