In Texas, there’s a lot of limestone, and insects like the bark scorpion like to live around it. The weep holes around the home are intentionally left for moisture to escape, but it also attracts insects in. In our treatment, we use a copper screen to allow the moist air out while still preventing pests from invading your home.


Here in Texas we’ve got a lot of limestone and other insects that like to live around the limestone, like the striped bark scorpion. Bark scorpions are indigenous to this area and will be all throughout the oak trees and other rocks and so forth. Eventually, as we build houses in these areas, the scorpions look for moisture. They move from the yard areas into the weep holes. Now, a weep hole is a hole left in the wall intentionally to let moisture weep out. The moist air, unfortunately, draws ants, scorpions, roaches into the wall. It’s necessary to let the moisture out, but it also lets the insects in.


We’ve included in our service a treatment with the copper screen so won’t rust. It let’s moisture out but it physically prevents scorpions and other insects from getting in.

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