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It's not difficult to see why 97% of customers would refer our services to a friend. Our people make the difference. Don't take our word for it, though. Take theirs. Sit down with one of our customers from Atlanta and see how he joined the Bulwark family.


I’m from the Netherlands and we have been here twelve years now. We, actually October 18th, it was exactly twelve years. So given the fact that the climate here its humid, its hot in the summer and that's in no comparison to the Netherlands because it's wet there because of all the rain and, but never, maybe just a couple of hot days a year.

Well the thing is it wasn't even that they called, it was simply someone from Bulwark going from door to door and it was just, it's, the timing was perfect because it was at that moment I just killed like three really humongous nasty cockroaches and the whole family is freaking out and I thought it's and all my friends have it so I thought I need to spend the money it's worth it. The technician or whatever the exterminator whatever you want to call it came and started explaining exactly what he would be doing and one of the things I didn't expect him to do, 'cause I have never heard from that it was done with other companies, is that he actually took the AC outlets off and sprays even behind those outlets and I thought that was pretty remarkable.

They exceeded my expectations.

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