In a neighborhood with plenty of developed trees and fence lines, acrobat ants can move from house to house, causing both you and your neighbors problems. A foundation treatment alone won’t always rid yourself of them.


Here we are in the backyard!

This is a rather large neighborhood with a lot of developed trees. These trees and surrounding areas have numerous colonies of acrobat ants. Because the fence lines all touch every single house in the neighborhood, it’s like a highway system touching every single house at least twice on each side of the house. Acrobat ants often times will use holes in fence posts, often times old dry rot holes. This is a perfect example of how ants here in Texas will thrive inside of a rotting fence post and then migrate out to the various attached houses we got ants moving now from the fence that we just looked at to the tree moving along the limbs of the tree across the sprays that pest control companies lay down on your foundation all the way to some place where the leaf or limb touches the house and they’ll set up camp in your gutters and set up entire colonies up in the gutters up by your roof. You can spray all you want on the foundation, it won’t get rid of ’em unless you have a pest control company that knows what to look for.


1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.

2. A strong support or protection.

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