The Art of Mosquito Control: Our Advantage

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Jacqui House
Mosquitoes: What you need to know

Every year, thousands of people escape the indoors to go experience the outside beauty and refreshing air that nature brings. There is always one issue that usually pops up depending, on the location where you’re at. BUGS!

Where there are bugs there are usually bug bites; which no one likes. The main contributing pest that loves biting humans is mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes pierce the skin and leave behind an itchy red welt. These bites can also transmit serious illnesses.

The two questions everyone asks is “how do I prevent mosquito bites?” and “why are they so attracted to me?”

How To Prevent Getting Bit By Mosquitoes

There are many ways and methods to avoid mosquitoes and prevent them from attacking. The most popular way of doing so is wearing mosquito repellent. Though there are other alternatives instead of using bug repellent. ”

Wear loose, long sleeved shirts and pants when outdoors. This covers your skin and limits the places were the mosquitoes can bite. Also make sure your clothing is as loose as it can be. Not only is it more comfortable in the higher temperature weather; mosquitoes can usually bite through tight clothing that is pressed tight against the skin.

Another way of preventing bites is a mosquito net over your bed. Mosquito nets are great because it allows air to flow through the holes but it stops mosquitoes from biting you while you’re asleep. The mosquitoes can’t fit through the small holes. When using a mosquito net be sure not to sleep touching the net because they will still be able to bite you through the holes.

Also, check frequently to make sure no bigger holes are in the net, and if so patch them with duck tape.

The last good way to prevent mosquitoes is avoid their ideal habitat; such as any where with large bodies of water. For example: lakes, rivers, creeks and swamps. Mosquitoes hang around water because they hatch and breed around water.

Why are mosquitoes so attracted to me?

Have you ever felt like mosquitoes like your blood more than others? Well, this is because mosquitoes are drawn to cretin people more than others. They are drawn to people with high amounts of steroids and cholesterol on there skin. Another reason is because they are drawn to people who produce cretin acids, like uric acid. These acids can set off the mosquitoes sense of smell, tempting them to land on people.

Mosquitoes also are attracted to people who produce large amounts of carbon dioxide. So if you want to avoid getting more mosquito bites next time your out doors avoid breathing heavily because the smell of carbon dioxide will drawl them closer. So if you do want to be a mosquito magnet next time your with people avoid what was listed above.

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