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Kansas City Pest Control

Kansas City Pest Control

Kansas City Pest Control is for homeowners when pests like mosquitoes, fleas, termites, spiders, ants, and roaches destroy a once peaceful home. Whether you are faced with restless nights because of chirping crickets or the fear of lurking spiders, exterminators provide the relief and comfort you need to stop worrying. Those little things that are bugging you can be things of the past. A personalized residential pest control plan that uses the latest in integrated pest management will give you the bug-free life you and your family deserve. Call Bulwark or chat online to get your quote and be on your way to hiring an award-winning expert for all your residential pest control needs.
We proudly serve the great Kansas City area.

Hey KANSAS CITY! Take back your home! Feel safe and comfortable with a quality pest control service protecting your property and family.


The Top 10 Pest Control Services

When you are looking for the best in Kansas City pest control services, it helps to know what types of services are available for you to choose from. Are you fighting of bees and need a bee control service or are you protecting your home from wood destroying termites? Do you have bats or birds invading your attic? Or is it itchy biting mosquitoes ruining your outdoor BBQ parties? Well here is the list of Kansas City’s most nuisance pests:

  1. Fleas
  2. Spiders
  3. Termites
  4. Roaches
  5. Mosquitos
  6. Ants (Fire Ants & Carpenter Ants)
  7. Bed Bugs
  8. Crickets
  9. House Flies
  10. Wildlife (squirrels, skunks, opossum)

Ratings and Reviews

Kansas City has a large number of pest control business to choose from. And whether they drive a Volkswagen Beetle or a big diesel rig shouldn’t matter nearly as much as their performance scores. You want to hire a professional that not only has the right licenses and has passed the state examinations, but the pros that have passed the CUSTOMER SERVICE exam as well. Hire the pest control service with the most 5 stars and is the most reviewed. There are only a few with reviews from all of the web and that rank well not only on Yelp, but have an Angie’s List Super Service award, a Google Favorite Business Award, and an A+ rating with the BBB. Trust the guys your neighbor trusts and hire Bulwark.

Treatment Plans

Insects live outside, in the woods, on the fields, around lakes and streams, Insects are meant to live outside as part of a healthy ecosystem. And you can be happy, as long as they stay outdoors away from your home and property. But your warm and cozy home looks attractive to bugs wanting to crawl under a big cement rock and get out of the rain, the sun, the snow. Face it, your home draws bugs like a magnet. And since we can’t kill off all of the bugs outside, those bugs are going to keep pressuring your walls and slipping through those cracks. Unless… unless you have a plan to defend your home. A regular defensive barrier is a must if you want to keep pests of all type at bay. With regular exterior services you can fortify your home against all of those spiders, beetles, crickets, and ants marching towards your abode right now!


Green pest control services are a must now a days. Products regulated by the EPA have only so long before they wear off and dissolve into the environment. Pesticide products can remain effective for only so long during the breakdown period. To keep the bugs out you will need to reapply that exterior defensive barrier at consistent intervals. Bulwark uses a hybrid pest control method, a combination between all natural products and modified products that can last longer. Because of the technology used to improve these pesticides, the products used by Bulwark to fight the bugs in and around your home are less toxic to mammals than table salt. So rest assured knowing we care about protecting you and your family.

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