Houston Termites

In Houston, Subterranean Termites cost owners of property millions of dollars. Once you know more about these wood-eating creatures, you will be in a better position to protect your equity from any harm they may try to cause to your property. Clearly understanding termite identification methods and the signs of termite infestation will help identify the problem before it blows out of proportion. Termites have a well-known system of doing things that features the reproductive members, soldiers, workers, the queen, and king.

The colony of termites

In the colony, worker termites make up the largest number of termites. The central purpose of workers is to tunnel through woods to collect nourishments for the colony. It is easy to distinguish the workers due to their unique pale white body. Additionally, they are wingless, blind, and are about a quarter of an inch lengthwise. The soldiers protect with the help of their strong jaws (they neutralize any threat to the colony). The soldiers are enormous with an extended yellow head, short legs, and powerful jaws. Swarmers, or the colony’s reproductive members, have a primary role of expanding the colony through transporting eggs to various locations. The reproductive members are many in the colony; they are dark brown to black and possess wings.

Are termites dangerous?

Termites don’t pose any threat to pets or people, but in Huston, these termites cause a lot of damage to structures. Termites feed often and always endeavor to expand their colony. Sadly, they start to feed on wood from the inner part; this makes it even more challenging to detect termite damage until it turns into a severe issue.

Signs of Termite activities

In case you want to find out whether termites have infested your building or house, look for these signs:

  • Presence of swarmers termites. If you spot swarmers flying in your compound or get termite wings on the window sills, you have a serious problem.
  • Mud Tubes. Subterranean Termites require water to survive. When you see mud tubes that resemble the pencil’s width, you have a cause for concern.
  • Termite damage. When your wall paint appears splintered or blistered, once you find out, your walls are hollow the moment you tap on them. You have a severe termite infestation.

How to prevent termite infestation 

When it involves termites’ prevention, then it is significant to be proactive. It’s essential to extinguish termites before they cause a considerable amount of damage to your property. Termites build uncountable tunnels in load-bearing and support beams of the house. These structures weaken with time, and eventually, they crumble down. The best way of eradicating termites is to ensure they cannot get in. We recommend:

  • Seal all openings and cracks along the foundation of the house and any other external spaces.
  • It’s advisable to ensure the soil doesn’t get into contact with the wood on your property.
  • Another thing, make sure you reduce ventilation and moisture issues, which might cause the wood to rot.

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