Back in January 1999, three master salesmen Aaron, Adam, and Daniel Seever together with their father Bart, an accountant/controller with decades of experience, formed the company Bulwark Exterminating LLC..."

Although it may seem that simple, this is not how Bulwark began. It all started in the mid-1990s when Aaron, Adam, and Daniel sold pest control door to door for a well-known national company. They immediately rose to the top and within a couple of years were selling more accounts every month than anyone in the industry thought was possible in an entire summer. As they spoke with thousands of homeowners, they began to realize that there was a gaping hole in the pest control market. There were a lot of companies doing this or that right, but they were unable to find a company anywhere that truly gave the customer what they wanted. This is where Bulwark Exterminating really began.

So what do customers want? To thoroughly answer this question would take hundreds of pages, but it all boils down to three principles on which Bulwark Exterminating was founded.

First of all, the customer is always right. At Bulwark, we know this, which is why we do anything and everything they ask of us, so long as it is legal and ethical to do so. But it goes beyond that. To give the customer the kind of service they expect, every Bulwark representative has to be well trained and empowered to solve any concern, or quickly direct the customer to the person who can.

Which leads to the next point, customers want the most effective, safest treatment possible. How do we do this? By putting in endless hours searching through pest control journals, and methodically testing and documenting different treatments and techniques. In so doing, we have developed a system of treatment that is years ahead of the rest of the pest control industry.

Finally, at the very core of our success, are our people. At Bulwark, we seek out exceptional people who are willing to devote themselves to something bigger than themselves. We have found that in a fair environment people want to work and contribute in any way they can. This is why we hire from within for all management positions. Everyone starts at the same place, but where he or she ends up depends entirely on performance. Add to this the fact that anyone who wants to can earn ownership, and it is easy to see why our people take such pride in their work.

By following our values, we have experienced, and will continue to experience phenomenal growth. From the year 1999, thru the year 2014, our revenues have grown, our company has grown. And now, Bulwark ranks among the Top 100 Pest Control Companies in the US. Currently, over 300 people depend on Bulwark Pest Control for their livelihoods and are working hard to build a better company for tomorrow.

"Big enough to do it right, small enough to care."

Satisfied Customers

Kob Raleigh, NC
rating 5/5
John arrived within the scheduled service window. He was very pleasant and did a great job. He double checked to see what issue I was having to ensure he put down the correct treatment type. He treated the inside, garage and outside perimeter of the house. In addition, he did a granule treatment on the shrubs per my request. John also took the time to explain how dampening the granules will activate them.?

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