Scorpions in Flagstaff

Scorpions are predatory arachnids that belong to the order of Scorpiones. Like all arachnids, for example, spiders have eight legs. Unlike spiders, they have an unmistakable segmented tail, and two crab-like pinchers called pedipalps. You might presume that all scorpions are primarily the same, only differing in size and color, but that is far from reality. Some families of scorpions are unique, including the peculiar-looking family of whip scorpions. All scorpions have a venomous sting, but the vast majority of the species do not present a considerable danger to humans.

If a scorpion stings a healthy adult, in most instances, they would not need medical treatment. Scorpions are fascinating creatures, especially when viewed under wavelengths of ultraviolet light, such as that produced by a black light when they glow a vibrant blue-green due to the presence of fluorescent chemicals in the cuticle. If you’ve seen these creatures around your Flagstaff home or property, check out the Bulwark guide on how to get rid of whip scorpions and everything you should know about them.

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