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Huntersville Exterminators

Life in Huntersville, North Carolina offers taking a break from the daily grind, just hanging with the family on the beautiful tree lined Lake Norman waiting for another breath taking sunset. One of Americas top cities to move to as voted by Forbes magazine, Huntersville offers everything you could want. Good schools, good jobs and plenty of fun to be had.

About Huntersville, NC

The mild weather leaves opportunity to enjoy everything the city has to offer from historical sites to time spent on Lake Norman and everything in between. Rich in history, Huntersville has been around since the Revolutionary War and has historical sites from that time frame to the present day. Over the last ten years, Huntersville has been one of the top cities to live in North Carolina and its residents are proud to call it home.

Lake Norman There isn’t very many negatives to this picturesque part of North Carolina but one of them is the six to eight legged critters that also call Huntersville home. From nasty intrusive roaches, home destroying termites, painful stinging fire ants to scary and sometimes dangerous spiders Huntersville has them all. Some of us like to take on the pest control problems in our homes but for those that want a hassle free solution to whatever pest is bothering you give us a call. We would love to help!