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Charlotte Pest Control by Bulwark Exterminating

Charlotte Pest Control

Charlotte Pest Control is any Charlotte-based service company that rids homes of unwanted insects, spiders, and rodents. The history of Charlotte pest control services goes back to pre-colonial days when natives smoked pests out of their crops. Today there are hundreds of exterminators in Charlotte providing both residential and commercial protection plans. A reliable service provider of Charlotte pest control will be large enough to meet scheduling demands while having the essential experience and training, yet small enough to care.

If you desire to get rid of buggies in your home or on your Charlotte property, you can get a free quote right now!

The caring team at Bulwark wants you to be bug-free, thus achieving lasting peace of mind within the walls of your own home.

Hey Charlotte NC! Take back your home! Feel safe & comfortable with a quality pest control service protecting your property & family.


Do I need a Charlotte Pest Control Service?

The need for pest control varies by each individual. For the arachnophobe, a quality spider control may be a necessity to ensure a good night’s rest. Your pest tolerance may be much higher, so seeing a few bugs inside isn’t a concern. Each person’s wants combining with the level of pest pressures, will determine if a monthly, every other month, or quarterly service is best. Charlotte Pest Management services will have all around keys and knowledge to cover the full range of pest control needs found in the Greater Charlotte Metro. Here is a list of questions to consider:

  • Are termites active in my yard or neighborhood?
  • Is anyone in my family allergic to wasp or hornet stings?
  • Do mosquitoes make my yard unbearable?
  • How many bugs am I willing to see in my home on a monthly bases?
  • Are ant mounds in my yard a concern for my pets, my children, or my feet?

Bulwark’s experts will offer a tailored range of prevention services to assure that your needs are met for a bug-free home where you feel safe and comfortable. And your family will thank you. Our team of trained technicians can offer the ultimate protection at the best value.

Best Rate Charlotte Pest Control Service

Hiring a Charlotte Pest Control Service

There exist several professional Charlotte pest control services at your fingertips. The state qualifies many as they carry the right licenses. But beyond spraying the right products, there is the question of “WHO”. Who do you trust in your home? Have the men and women been background checked? Drug screened? And what about actually caring for you and your home? Bulwark believes that “Our people make the difference.” Companies can spray the right products, with the proper license, at the right price, but they don’t have “Our People.” And Bulwark trains and keeps its quality people. Many have been with us for ten years and some more than 20 years. We guarantee our people will make you smile.

Understand a GREEN PEST CONTROL Process

Green pest control is the idea that the products used have little to no impact on the environment, animals, or people outside of the target pests. As such, using an integrated pest management (IPM) solution that looks at both physical and chemical means helps reduce unnecessary exposure. But there is a fine line between taking cautious steps that take longer to reach the goal of bug-free and taking the right steps confidently to get the desired results fast and still protect the environment and people. Our team is proficient in looking for the numerous hiding spots to target the source of the pest pressures in and around your home. Targeting the right places achieves both speed and mother earth mindfulness. Our service will use All-Natural products inside your home as much as possible. Outside of the home, we lean on products that are based on the naturally occurring pyrethrins of the chrysanthemum flower but that have been modified with micro-encapsulation and altered to last longer and provide excellent protection. So you ask, “Is green pest control safer?” On the toxicity scale, all of our products are less toxic than toothpaste.

What else makes Bulwark Green?

Almost a decade ago, Bulwark starting pushing for paperless solutions. Paperless invoices, paperless bills, those were the first two items on the list. Bulwark then boldly moved all of our technician’s to tablets taking routes and customer print outs paperless. With the volume of customers Bulwark has, that shift immediately saved four trees a month. Further, Bulwark switched all power sprayers from gas rigs to electric rigs. Bulwark has also increased the use of backpack sprayers. Bulwark has attempted to use natural gas vehicles and find other green solutions. And we are happy to say that gas consumption per customer is steadily declining.

We are looking forward to when electric trucks will be available as a viable solution for the fleet as well. Green pest control doesn’t stop at the right products for Bulwark but persists to anywhere and everywhere we can make Bulwark green.


Popular Charlotte Pest Control Services

There a 1000’s of bug species in North Carolina. Many bug species are still undescribed, and fortunately, homeowners in Charlotte need not worry about the majority of bug species around town. But here is a list of services related to the top concerns of homeowners in Charlotte. Top 4 most common pests in Charlotte with their related service:

Charlotte Termite Control

Is your home sitting on the termite lunch line? Are you gambling with your greatest physical asset? In Charlotte, NC, the question isn’t “Will termites come?” but “When termites come?” And when they come, will your investment be protected? Charlotte has been fertile wooded lands for a few millennia now. With woods and lush soil, comes nature’s recyclers, termites. Termites do us a lot of good. When a tree falls, they chew it up and spit it back out as fertile soil. Wood eating termites certainly have their place, OUTSIDE, IN THE WOODS. But wood is wood, and your home is made of dead, dry wood looks pretty tasty to our Charlotte termites. If you want to keep termites from eating and destroying the wood in your walls and home, then get termite protection TODAY.

Charlotte Spider Control

Spider control in Charlotte NC is often requested due to the Southern Black Widow spiders in Charlotte. Beyond the black widow, there are also the brown widow, yellow sac spider, and brown recluse. The brown recluse is not native to Charlotte, so it is rare to have them. Did you know that up to 40% of the population has mild arachnophobia? An estimated 2% to 8% has sever fear of spiders. Fear or no fear, the spiders mentioned above are cause for concern and warrant the need for a Charlotte pest professional that can prevent spiders in residential properties. Do you feel safe in your home?

Charlotte Roach Control

Charlotte roach control services target those filthy dirty germ-carrying squirmy cockroaches. There is a couple of cockroach species common in the Charlotte metro. The most invasive and problematic is the German Cockroach. These roaches will quickly spiral out of control and develop chemical resistants to products. Generations have attempted to eradicate them are done poorly. They are the roach that makes the statement about cockroaches surviving a nuclear attack the truth. Let’s hope you don’t have German Roaches in your Charlotte home.

Charlotte Ant Control

A Charlotte Ant exterminator is quick to answer calls when kids are screaming about ant bites. Yes, sadly, millions of fire ants are marching on homes and yards every day in Charlotte, North Carolina. Live by Lake Norman or Lake Wylie? Fire ants love having easy access to water. Ever notice how the ants line up and enter your home when the rain dries up outside? Ants will forever be part of the earth’s biosphere. You simply want them to stay in their place. Ants in your kitchen, ants in your bathroom, ants on your playground can be a thing of the past. Call us (702) DEAD-ANT.

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