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There are many different insects that have come to be called a fly. True flies are classified under the order of Diptera and are estimated to include up to one million different species in the world. Some of the most commonly known flies include cluster flies, houseflies, fruit flies, lesser houseflies, drain flies, and blowflies. These pests pose a risk to you, your family, and your pets, and they can quickly infest an outdoor area or the inside of your home. Taking the necessary steps to keep flies in check will help you protect your home and your property.

What Is a Fly?

Flies vary in color and size but are very much the same when it comes to behavior patterns. They are attracted to cooking food, decaying flesh, certain animals, and numerous types of filth. Flies are non-venomous, but this doesn’t exclude them from being some of the most dangerous creatures on earth. Due to their dietary habits of consuming decaying organic matter, they are responsible for spreading a surprising number of diseases. This can be very harmful to humans who face a fly infestation.

With so many different types of flies to discuss, this article will focus only on the most common flies you may encounter in and around your home. All flies have six legs, two eyes, two wings, and a mobile head. Their feet have pads and claws that allow them to cling to smooth surfaces. A fly’s mouth can be built differently depending on how they need to feed.

Common Flies

Image via Flickr by Johnragai-Moment Catcher

Common flies you could be dealing with include:

Sandflies and mosquitoes are very active in the evening and at night, but they are also opportunistic feeders and can be observed at any time of day. Only the females feed on blood, however, as they must consume at least one blood meal before laying eggs. Both females and males consume sugary liquids such as honeydew and plant nectar.

Where Do Flies Live?

Flies are found throughout the world on every continent except Antarctica. In the United States, flies can be found in every region, including the southeast, southwest, north, south, northeast, northwest, and the midwest. They are highly adaptable and can live indoors and outdoors.

Common Problems Associated with Flies

Though flies can bite, it’s not the bite itself that is the cause for concern but the diseases it can distribute with it. Most flies don’t bite humans, but this doesn’t lessen the risk, as they can spread diseases through contact contamination on surfaces, food, and your skin. Flies can become a severe problem unless kept in check, but calling a service like Bulwark Exterminating can help you get rid of them and keep them from coming back. Our trained professionals can provide you with the resources to keep your home pest-free.

Getting rid of and keeping flies away begins with cleanliness. Keeping your home, especially your kitchen, clean can help deter flies from invading your personal space. Keeping your property free from dead and decaying organic matter is another great way to reduce the number of flies living in the area. Contact us to learn about protecting your family and pets from the inherent issues associated with flies and keeping your home safe.

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