Flying Pests in Austin TX

Of the pests you may encounter in your Austin home, often the winged, flying variety are the most bothersome and also hardest to control. Unlike antsroaches, and spiders, these winged critters are highly mobile and can keep flying back on to your property, even after the effective pest control has been applied. Here’s a rundown of some of the flying pests you may encounter in your Rollingwood, Barton Hills, and Tarrytown homes.

  1. Flies. These include common house flies, blow fliesflesh flies, and horseflies.
  2. Stinging insects, including bees, yellow jacketswaspsmud daubers, and hornets.
  3. Non-stinging insects, including carpenter beesindian meal moths, and webbing clothes moths.

While flying pests are sometimes more challenging to control, Bulwark Exterminating can help. Call us today.

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