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Bee Cave Exterminators

Bee Cave Exterminators

Family-owned, 97% recommended with a 100% money-back guarantee, Bulwark Exterminating is the preferred exterminating company in Bee Cave, TX. We want to be your pest control company.

Customer Review

He was polite and informative
Five Stars

“Since bulwark I have not seen a bug in the house except for the ones that fly in. Well something died in the walls of my house and fleas has been popping up. Tech Roger was great. He was polite and informative. He came in and got all the nooks and crannies and explained what he was doing to get rid of the fleas.”
Written by: Kim B.
Date published: 03/22/2012
5 / 5 stars

About Bee Cave, TX

Bee Cave, TX has a comfortable population of about 2,000. The city provides plenty of luxuries for their residents despire being a small city. The city is named after a large cave found full of wild bees found by the early settlers. Pictured above is the Health and Human Services and Veteran Services as found in Travis County in which Oak Hill resides. Just as this center helps people need so does Bulwark Exterminaitng.

Bulwark is here with a plan. We have a family pest control service that can help with any of your household infestations. Not only is Bee Cave full of bees but also ants, scorpions, roaches and crickets. We have a guaranteed solution that will destroy the infestation and prevent more invaders on your property. Call Bulwark today (512) 291-1200

We also serve the Austin area and surrounding areas. We also have a San Antonio Pest Control service as well as a Houston Pest Control service.


1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.

2. A strong support or protection.