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Bulwark Serving Austin Pest Control Needs since 1999

Austin Pest Control

Austin pest control is a bug fighting, mosquito battling, property protection business. With the number of pest infestations in Austin, pest control is a regular service for most homeowners. Getting quotes for services is simple as there are many professionals in the Greater Austin Metro. When searching for the right pest control company, there are several things to consider beyond just the price. The history of Austin Pest Control services began in Texas’ early agriculture era when farmers fought to protect their crops. Services today include pest protection plans for home and commercial properties in addition to the continuing agriculture needs.

Hey AUSTIN! Take back your home! Feel safe and comfortable with a quality pest control service protecting your property and family.


15 Common Austin Pests – Starting with the TOP 5

These are the most common requested exterminating services in Austin

#1 Bark Scorpions

Scorpions are not just a nuisance; scorpions are scary and harmful. With a swift sting, a scorpion’s tail can inject a neurotoxin into its victim, causing severe pain. For Bulwark Exterminating, Scorpion control is one of the Austin pest control services most requested. As scorpions are common in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, Bulwark has a lot of experience protecting scorpion-troubled homes. (See Austin Scorpion Control)

#2 Termites

Termites threaten to destroy many Austin homes. The termite damage to a structure’s integrity when termite protection is not maintained averages a dollar-cost in the thousands. There are five species of destructive termites in Austin, including the most aggressive termite in North American, the Formosan Subterranean Termite A.K.A The Super Termite. Build a plan to protect your home with an Austin Termite Control Service.

#3 Ants

An Austin ant control service will cover all the various ant species found in Texas. Fire ants a common concern because the Red Imported Fire Ant’s sting (yes, sting, not bite) is so painful. Carpenter ants will eat wood, sugar ants damage food in pantries, and raspberry ants will start fires by damaging electrical wires. When the ants come marching in Texas, it is no laughing matter.


#4 Mosquitoes

Controlling Austin mosquitoes around one’s property is a valuable service to many homeowners. With wooded areas, creeks, and lakes close by, and plenty of grass, yards can quickly be overrun by a swarm. But there is a way to take back your yard again with a proper Mosquito Control Service.

#5 Spiders

Spider Control is a regularly sought after service/product in Austin, TX. Austin is riddled with an array of spider species; among those are the two most dangerous U.S. spiders; the black widow and brown recluse. Arachnophobia, from mild to severe affects about 70% of households. If spiders are pressuring your Austin home, then a treatment specific to spiders will be needed.

Get Austin Spider Control today!

The Other 10 Common Pests & Austin Exterminating Services:

  1. 6- Fleas
  2. 7- Bed Bugs
  3. 8 -Pillbugs
  4. 9- Crickets
  5. 10- Cockroaches
  6. 11- Mice
  7. 12- Centipedes
  8. 13 Silverfish
  9. 14- Rats
  10. 15- Earwigs
Pest Control Service

Structural Pest Control

Pest control is the treatments and methods used to keep pests out of homes, away from crops, and wood supporting structures. Pests are any critter deemed by a human to negatively impact their environment. The differing tolerance levels for pests will determine the importance of pest management per individual. Pesticides, whether organic, all-natural, green, synthetic, or other, are the primary form of pest management used in commercial properties and homes today.

Lawn Pest Control

Lawn pests will never enter a home or structure but will infest a homeowner’s ground. Austin deals with fire ants, which rarely invade homes, but are still unwanted even in the yard. Other lawn pests in Austin which remain exclusively outdoors are gophers, moles, ground squirrels, grubs, and several species of beetles. All of these will damage lawns wreaking havoc on beautifully manicured yards.

Agricultural Pest Control

With many farms surrounding the greater Austin area, agricultural pest control is vital in protecting Texas crops. From field crops to orchards, to vegetables and nuts, the Texas Department of Agriculture regulates the use of commercial and noncommercial pesticides. Ag. Pesticide applicators have nine different categories in which they can be certified. The categories cover areas both inside and outside of crops. Farms even use pesticides for protection of livestock and farm animals. Nurseries (plant farms) are included in the agricultural pest control category and require their own unique applicator’s license.

Weed Control

Weed control is a service that will maintain a yard weed-free by eliminating existing weeds and preventing future weeds. A weed is any unwanted or nuisance plant. Homeowners, business owners, and farmers all battle with weeds. A professional licensed weed control service can be hired to help, and Austin has several weed control providers to choose from.

Treatment Methods

There are several ways of treating for pests. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. An integrated pest management (IPM) approach would include the best mix of all means to solve all the pest pressures. Regular treatments reinforce barriers created to maintain a bug-free environment within your home.

In-Wall Treatment

In-wall pest control treatments are used to place products inside of a building’s walls. Pests infest the wall voids and use electrical wiring, plumbing, and coax cables as highways to travel from room to room without ever exposing themselves. An in-wall treatment places pest control products in those paths and voids to eliminate the pests a homeowner is not seeing.

Crack and Crevice Treatment

Cracks and crevices provide pests with protection. Have you ever tried to kill a spider in a corner?

Sometimes the dang walls just don’t let a shoe do its job. Treating the cracks around a bathroom’s plumbing, under a kitchen’s dishwasher, and window seals with powders and sprays appropriate for the location and problem pest is a significant step in an IPM plan.


A bait is a pest control product disguised to be desirable to the pest. Most baits appear as food to the pest. These baits are effective as certain pests will not cross over sprays or dust, that they do not recognize. With their super sniffers, ants will cautiously avoid most pesticides. Finding the right bait for a foraging ant to take back to the colony requires a pest professional to identify the ant, know its diet, and not overdo the application. Despite being a slower process, baits are a fantastic method of pest management when done right.


Traps are regularly used for rodent control, animal control, and snake control. Snap traps and glue traps are the most common. Rattlesnakes are a major concern in the Austin area. You may be surprised at a few other trapping methods available, chat with us about our scorpion traps.

Exterior Power Spray

The exterior power spray is the key to long term pest control for your home. If the outer barrier is maintained correctly, it will prevent bugs from breaching the barrier and infesting the inside of your home. The ideal scenario is that the exterior protective barrier keeps bugs outside, and therefore you never need pesticides within your home again.

Yard Spot Treatments

Several water spots within a yard will attract bugs. Hitting the watering holes prevents the flocks and herds of wild bugs from growing and overflowing into your home. Other yard pests, such as fire ants, will require direct treatment on an on-going basis. Fire ants mate and then fly away to establish new colonies; hence no method prevents them from entering your yard, and spot treatments are the only way to get rid of Fire ants once they build their ant mounds.

Getting an Austin Pest Control Quote

When homeowners are feeling the woes of Texas-sized pest problems and are seeking a way to find peace and relief, as they turn to a professional, the first question they ask, “How much does pest control cost?” There is no cut and dry answer to this question. But most consumers believe the cost to be slightly higher than it is. However, aiming to get the lowest price without addressing the full problem will often lead to disappointment and headaches when the bugs don’t go away. An accurate pest control quote will require knowing the current pest infestations, the square footage of a home, and the location of the house (see if it is already near an existing route).

Hiring Your Exterminator

Getting a quote is just the beginning. Comparing exterminators with prices can be more daunting. A few tips for hiring the right professional:

1 – What do their online reviews say? Check Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

2 – Does the company they drug test and background check their technicians?

3 – What are their Guarantees? Check for a Money-Back Guarantee for Free Retreats if a problem persists, and for a No-Show Refund (your time is valuable, and sometimes a tech runs late, gets stuck in traffic, or gets sick. But you should still be covered.)

4 – Do you feel right about the company? Do you like them? Experience is important as well as price, but you will also be letting them into your home. With the number of pest control services from Round Rock to Bee Cave to Pflugerville, you should find a bug guy you like.

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