Roaches in Atlanta

Cockroaches have earned a bad reputation by invading our homes, distributing diseases, and creeping into our nightmares. Though they seem to be all bad, they are beneficial to the environment. They eat decaying organic matter, which helps in the natural processes of decomposition. Cockroaches play a vital role in the nitrogen cycle, helping to keep forests healthy. That being said, nothing can make you feel uncomfortable in your Atlanta home like turning the light on in your bathroom and seeing them scurry away. What’s worse still is the thought of having them crawl all over your kitchen. There are many types of roaches, but if you live in Atlanta or the suburbs of Buford, Alpharetta, and Roswell, these are the ones you’re most likely to see:

  1. American Roaches, sometimes called Palmetto Bugs – American cockroaches are a prevalent species of cockroach and one of the largest. In the southeast, they are often called palmetto bugs. However, this is a mistake, and palmetto bugs are a different species called the Florida woods cockroach, which looks different, stays outdoors more often, and emits a foul odor when threatened, while American roaches do not.
  2. Brown Banded Roaches – Brown-banded cockroaches are a species of cockroach with the scientific name Supella longipalpa. Although fairly small, they have several traits that make them more troublesome than other species.
  3. German Roaches – German cockroaches, despite their name, are thought to have originated from Southeast Asia, but this theory isn’t conclusive. They are the most successful species of roach to invade homes, businesses, and other structures. Though they are naturally suited to thrive in tropical and warm environments, they prefer to live indoors.
  4. Oriental RoachesOriental roaches are considered as one of the filthiest cockroaches on the planet due to their association with garbage. Oriental cockroaches are well known for their taste for waste. They feed on filth, decaying materials, and trash in general.
  5. Smokey Brown Roaches – Smoky brown roaches are some of the most resilient creatures and can thrive in just about any environment, including your home. They are nocturnal and are capable of hiding in tiny places.

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