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Centipedes are well known for their many legs. Ranging from 10-100 pairs of legs, centipedes use these legs to move quickly and capture prey. Centipedes love moisture and can be found under rocks, in floor drains, and under any slabs with built up moisture. Seeing centipedes can be alarming, but it only means there are other bugs lurking around. Getting full pest control protection will reduce the amount of food centipedes have available and help you establish the best defenses.

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Bulwark Exterminating has the perfect centipede extermination plan for you. Pesticides may list centipedes, but don’t always work. At bulwark we have the right stuff to get you real protection. All of our services are insured by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not pleased, we aren’t either. We will work hard for you, and if you see a centipede, we will be back to fix the problem within 48 hours. There’s nothing to lose, so call Bulwark Pest Control today!


Centipedes aren’t the only bugs that Atlanta Exterminators have to deal with. Bulwark serves as Atlanta Roach Control, Atlanta Ant Control, Atlanta Cricket Control, and more to help keep Atlanta pest free. Call us today!

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