Bulwark Exterminates Your Carpenter Ant Infestations

Considered a “world city”, Atlanta’s economy is as diverse as they come. Professional and business services, media operations, information technology all call Atlanta homebase. Atlanta is well known for its tree canopy, making it one of the highest U.S. cities with that amount of tree coverage. The natural beauty of Atlanta can be breathtaking, but can also bring in invasive pests like Carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants have a very destructive love for wood. While these ants may not eat the wood like termites do, they do build nest and destroy wood. Wooden furniture and your home’s structure can be in jeopardy with these ants nearby. Don’t let Carpenter ants and pest alike destroy your Atlanta real estate.

Helping customers all over the Atlanta Valley, Bulwark knows just how to protect your home from these annoying pests. Bulwark has a 5-step solution designed to exterminate any Carpenter ant infestation. All of our services are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. There’s no better way to try out a professional pest control company. Start your home’s treatment with Bulwark soon!



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Our Atlanta Ant Control Guarantee

We promise full satisfaction 100%. Services with Bulwark are risk-free. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us here. No more bugs is a full 100% promise. If you do see any bugs, we’ll be back and fix that within 48 hours. Whatever your needs, we are here to help. If we do all we can and you’re still not satisfied you’ll get a refund. Start your service today!


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