When Do Black Widows Come Out?

Black Widows

If there’s a female to fear it is absolutely the Black Widow. Females have remarkably vicious venom that can cause severe reactions. These spiders hang around and wait for their next kill. Black Widows are physically easy to distinguish from most other spiders. Jet black and with a large abdomen, these arachnids usually also sport a red hour glass mark; although some Black Widows have also been known to have no mark or just various red lines. If you notice any of these treacherous creatures in your Atlanta home be sure to get professional help.


Seeking medical help is essential if you or anyone in your home is actually bit by a Black Widow. Bites from the widow are extremely powerful. These bites can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and other similar symptoms. Deaths from this bite are highly unlikely, but children, the elderly, and the feeble can still be at high-risk.

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