Image via Flickr by March Hare1145

Sowbugs are a broad group of crawling pests in the same family as rollie pollies or pill bugs. They are decomposers, meaning they mainly eat dead plant or animal waste, and this makes them vital cleaners in the wild. However, sowbugs can also eat living plants, which can make them problematic to the plants in your home or garden. They are also known as woodlice, though they are of no relation, lice are a different species of insect. Sowbugs are crustaceans, similar to crabs, crayfish, and barnacles. They belong to the only group of crustaceans that thrive on land, shared with pill bugs. Although they live on land, they need lots of moisture to survive and will avoid dry places. You probably have observed sowbugs around your Alpharetta home, especially during the summer and wet seasons.

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