Pillbugs in Alpharetta
Image via Flickr byDingilingi

Pill bugs are scientifically called Armadillidiidae and a subset of woodlice. As its scientific name suggests, these bugs are known for having a tough shell consisting of connected plates that are flexible enough for them to roll up for full protection, like a tiny armadillo. Pill bugs are often called rollie pollies, potato bugs, or doodlebugs. The common pill bug that the majority of Americans have to deal with is Armadillidium Vulgare or the common pill bug.

The average lifespan of a rollie pollie is roughly two years, during which time the adult will molt its shell multiple times. Pill bugs primarily survive by consuming decomposing matter from animals, plants, old wood fibers, feces, or even dead insects. However, they can also destroy live plants, which makes them a problem for crops, lawns, or gardens if they get overpopulated. Pill bugs are common in Alpharetta and the suburbs of Buckhead, Virginia-Highland, and Oakdale.

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