Earwigs in Alpharetta

An earwig is a hideous insect that is misunderstood most often than not. Humans aren’t on the menu, but this doesn’t imply that they should be left to run rampage Earwigs are usually nocturnal and will hide out in secluded areas until dusk. Lighting, such as porch or patio lights, can entice them to come in, and they may assemble under outdoor seat cushions. You may have observed them in and around your Alpharetta home. They are also prevalent in Buckhead, Virginia-Highland, and Oakdale neighborhoods. Earwigs discharge a yellowish-brown, foul-smelling liquid from their scent glands as a defense mechanism. This liquid isn’t hazardous but can be irritating. They also have pinchers behind their abdomens, which they use to administer a “bite” when frightened. 

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